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Due to Covid-19, we are receiving an ENORMOUS number of adoption inquiries. Everyone is home and wants to adopt NOW. We’re doing our best to address each one as fast as we can. PLEASE be PATIENT and MAKE SURE your application is 100% COMPLETE.



Empire Animal Rescue Inc. is a foster-home based rescue group and we do not have a facility/shelter. We like it this way. We do not want our rescues in a shelter environment. They are housed in our homes, with us and our families and other pets.

We are a 100% volunteer run organization. We all work full time. We are not sitting here at our computer at all hours. We work hard so we can help animals in need and support our families at the same time! We are a private group. We rescue locally and beyond but we are not always available due to our work schedules.

All communication is done via email - we may call you AFTER your application has been submitted, but mostly we email. This helps us to keep all correspondence in one place as you may have different volunteers responding to you depending on who is available at that particular time. PLEASE be sure to answer all questions completely or it will delay processing. Be sure to include your veterinarians phone number with area code too or it will delay processing. You need to give your veterinarian approval to release information to our rescues prior to us being able to begin your application.

We process applications in the order that they are received. We do our best to process them in a timely manner but sometimes emergencies that we respond to happen and we get to them as quickly as we can possibly can. Also, sometimes just plain life happens.

All adoption appointments are scheduled AFTER your application has been approved. Preference given to those with a verifiable veterinary reference and home ownership. Preference is also given to former adopters. Home ownership is verified through court records. If you are a renter, you must provide landlord contact information. For adoption guidelines and to complete an adoption application be sure to go to our Adoption Page.

When placing an animal in a home, we do look out mainly for what is best for that particular animal and the lifestyle of the potential adopter(s). If we do not place that animal with you it does not mean that you were automatically denied for adoption. It means that maybe that animal is just not right for you as we live with them and we know them best. Or perhaps we had a plethora of applicants. We do our best to place them in the best scenario for them. They have already been let down by humans at least once in their lives and we do not want that to happen again.

If you have any questions please email: Please "like" our Facebook page to learn more about our rescue, see more pictures and get updates on all of our adoptable pets and events.

Our adoptable pets are listed here: Thank you for sharing our adoptable pets. The more shares they get the better their chances are at finding a permanent home.

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