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If you are interested in adopting, click on ADOPTIONS tab for an application!

We ask that once you complete your application, you contact your vet
authorizing the release of your records to EARS. 

If you are a first-time pet owner and do not currently have a veterinarian, but have grown up with family pets, please list your family's vet and contact information. Please make sure the account owner permits the release of the records to EARS. You will need to supply a neighbor reference. If you are unable to supply a current neighbor, you may supply a previous neighbor. 


Empire Animal Rescue Society is a foster-home–based rescue group that is a 100% volunteer-run organization. We work full time identifying animals in need of rescue, transporting animals to foster homes, and executing safe and responsible companion pet adoptions.

We rescue locally and beyond. We will stop if we see an animal in distress or in danger. We've walked a number of dogs from highways after an unwanted escape!


Simply, we rescue animals 24/7.

Our mission is simple:

Rescue as many companion animals as humanly possible in the most efficient and safest manner for owner and animal.

We communicate through email

Due to our small (but mighty!) team, your email communication will begin only

after you have submitted your Adoption Application Form. 


Complete your Adoption Application Form completely and thoroughly.

We rely on the information on this form to determine adoption approval. We process applications in the order that they are received. Adoption appointments will only be scheduled after your application has been approved.

Preference is given to those who have ... 

  • A verifiable veterinary reference (You must call your vet to authorize records release to EARS.)

  • A home or residence (Home ownership is verified through public court records. Renters, please provide landlord contact information.)

  • Been former adopters through the EARS program (We know you already!)

  • Completed the form and answered all mandatory questions (100%!)

  • The best "lifestyle match" for the animal of interest ​(Example: You work at home and the animal requires frequent walks. That's a checkmark for "lifestyle match!" )

Please note ... If we do not place an animal with you it does not mean that you've been denied for adoption. Because we've fostered the animal, we've come to understand their unique needs and behavior. Our reasoning: They have already been let down by humans at least once in their lives and we do not want that to happen again.

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